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Vitality in your pocket

  • Free to get started (mobile or PC)
  • Breath training for great health
  • Records and graphs your exercises

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A healthier you

With your breath training in your pocket, you can breathe better, beat stress, and get a new lease of life.

Learn Buteyko

Unlock excellent training modules within the app to help you get started and become more advanced in practicing Buteyko.

Guided exercises

Use the app to do and record your exercises wherever you are with ease.

Better breathing

With the MyButeyko App there has never been an easier way to get the amazing health benefits of great breathing.

Practitioner Support

Local practitioners are just a tap away. Share your exercises with them and get help when you need it.

Lighten the load

Breathing better can dramatically reduce the stress your body undergoes every single day. More oxygen with less effort can give you back the vitality you have been missing.

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It's free start breathing better today.

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A quick tutorial on getting the most out of the profile section of the app.

How to - Exercise section

A quick tutorial on getting the most out of the exercise section of the app.

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